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Welcome to the Support Centre

Last updated by Violetta Smirnova on November 04, 2014 17:29

To start using our new helpdesk, please visit this link or for users. If you want to submit a ticket, use the blue box “write a message to us now” which is on the right side from the search fieldhelodesk 1.PNG

While you are creating a ticket, don’t forget to choose the right department where the ticket must be destined to. If you pick the wrong one, your request may take longer to be processed.


Feel free to describe the problem you would like to troubleshoot and click “send us the message” button.

Please note, any case will be processed and fixed much faster if a customer explains everything briefly, clearly, but in a detailed way, providing us with the domain/hostname in question.

Before submitting your request, look through the FAQ section, you may find the answers to your questions there, thus you will save your time.

As soon as ticket is created a customer should receive a notification about that.3.PNG

To check all your active and resolved tickets you need to login to helpdesk. The login details for those hosted in US and UK namely shared/reseller owners are the same as for their client area. Respectively, if you change your client area details - the details for helpdesk change too. Those, who own VPS, Dedicated Servers still have to use their mail to contact us.


You can manage your tickets by changing their status, reply to them or update them